scRakeja’t 2.0


scRakeja’t 2.0 is a show for all audiences with a powerful fusion of contemporary and urban dance with a battle (danced combat) starring four characters from different backgrounds that will battle tirelessly to claim the title of Universal Champion of the Art of Movement.

On the occasion of CobosMika Company’s 20th anniversary in 2020, the Company revisited scRakeja’t, the highest acclaimed show in the company’s trajectory.It was created in 2007 and toured up to 2013 with an amazing reception from both professionals and the general public.

Under the artistic direction of Olga Cobos and an excellent team of 4 experienced and multidisciplinary dancers-interpreters formed by Anna Asensio, Albert Barros, Julien Rossin i Anna Sagrera, scRakeja’t 2.0 is back stronger, with more energy,  power and even more dance!

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Artistic File

Idea and artistic direction: Olga Cobos

Choregraphy: Olga Cobos in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Anna Asensio, Albert Barros, Julien Rossin, Anna Sagrera
Dramaturgy and technical production: Jorge Fuentes

Production and management: CobosMika Company

Photos: ©Joe Hogan

Video: :©Ignasi Castañé