“Sigil of the eye”

SEEDs company


This work is inspired by a new emerging mythology. The freedom reinforced by the individualism that we have chosen in the West as a way of life at the cost of anonymity. We are not just my country, or our tribe, or even family. We are individuals with the right to expression and independence.

Nothing seems as appropriate to our times as the effort to build our own individuality in a consumerist cosmos.

Since immemorial time, people have believed in the existence of some secret that will bring us wealth, power and success. Wealth to satisfy the body through comfort and pleasure to ensure the fulfillment of our desires. In our days, we have seen the revival of a very old controversy: that of being content with what is hidden versus the need to grasp what is hidden.

In this context, the idea of ​​a “secret” presents the image of the relationship of the most intimate of us with other human beings. The ability to hide both the vulnerable and the insensitive side, to hide ourselves, gives us a sense of individuality.

It is no coincidence that the word “secret” is similar to “sacred”. However, the meaning of “secret” is misleading. A secret refers to something hidden. But any secret contains the potential for its revelation. This temptation, concealed in different ways, today takes the form of materialistic ideas and is related to the effort to conquer our status in society.

On the other hand, the meaning of “sacred” is “set apart.” If something is sacred it is outside and separate. It does not dissolve, nor mix with the mundane or society. Its proximity is enough as a form of rescue, relief and salvage

What they have in common is that both the secret and the sacred are occult in nature. However, the secret is nothing more than what everyone will explain anyway and therefore one day it becomes carnal and perishable.

What is a secret for you?

Intimacy – secret or sacred?

Why is the body the container of the secret?

Where in the body?

Artistic File

Idea and artistic direction: Peter Mika

Choregraphy: Peter Mika

Choreography assistant: Claire Pernette
Performers: SEEDs company 22/23 (junior company)

Production and management: Cris Bosch

Photos: ©Joe Hogan

Video: ©Ignasi Castañé